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With the vision for the increasing size of construction projects and organizations, the increasing technological complexity of such projects and the more complex inter dependencies and variations in the relationships among numerous disciplines, Founder and President Dennis Almiraņez Abcede with a handful of engineers established D.A. ABCEDE & ASSOCIATES in 1972.

With over 30 years experience, D.A. ABCEDE & ASSOCIATES has been one of the pioneers of the Construction Project Management profession in the country with experience in all aspects of vertical construction.

D.A. ABCEDE & ASSOCIATES has been committed to a long term involvement in the Construction Industry of the Philippines and has grown to be one of the biggest Construction Project Management firms in the country today with its more than 200 strong technical personnel, engineers and architects. As Construction Project Managers, D.A. ABCEDE & ASSOCIATES shall represent the Owners in the construction and furnish business management and technical superintendence to achieve the following objectives: Quality Control Safety Management Guidance Cost reduction and cost control and Project completion within the desired timetable.